If this is new ship week, has anyone ever considered Specs/Romeo/Smalls? Or Albert/Smalls? I really love Smalls

editorials I love :
Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette
Photographed by Annie Leibovitz
Vogue US, September 2006



specs/romeo first date where romeo is actually the least suave person ever

specs and romeo have known each other for a while through their rather large circle of mutual friends but never talked much until race set them up on a blind date (“i can sense the tension between ya…


i just ate half a watermelon

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Title: All About That Bass

Artist: Meghan Trainor

Album: All About That Bass

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Title: Can't Help Falling In Love

Artist: Vitamin String Quartet


Okay, this is really, really beautiful so if you haven’t listened to it, please do. 


  • met doing laundry at 2am college au
  • accidentally knocked on the wrong dorm room college au
  • picked up the wrong book when we bumped into each other college au
  • hey exchange student why don’t you can come to mine for thanksgiving?? college au
  • did i mention college au
  • walked in on you in the shower college au
  • drunkenly hooked up but you’re dating my roommate who already hates me college au
  • the always-partying kid falls for the always-studying kid college au
  • heard a scream and thought you were getting killed but it was just a spider college au
  • i really hate you but you have the highest grades in class and i need help college au
  • (◕‿◕✿) cOLLEGE AU (◕‿◕✿)


The World Will Remember Us Demo

Title: Morning Glow

Artist: Jeremy Jordan


Jeremy Jordan performing Morning Glow from Pippin. 

Ilikebroadwaythings inspired me to dig through and post another audio. :) Enjoy.